A Major advance in RO-Nanofiltration Technology
Rochem's spacer module technology has created major advance in the field of REVERSE OSMOSIS and its use inj the purfication of sea water (Desalination), brackis water, waste water and city water.
The Spacer Tube Module (ST) is a major advance from the plate module technology which was originally developed by the West German Research Centre (GkSS).
The patented ST Membrane-Module is a modern design for desalination and purification of liquids. It operates effectively and economically even at increased Turbidity and Salt Density Index levels for reverse osmosis.
The successful development of the ST-Module was only made possible by a precise technical approach in developing the total RO system. ROCHEM possesses the rate capability of being both the module manufacturer and the system manufacturer. This dual capability, plus direct contact with the end user, is of great advantages to customer.

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