The ROCHEM Spacer-Tube element
The Spacer-Tube® membrne module has been newly developed to gain hybrid advantages from an open cheannel and spiral module design. Theresult is a membrane element with a channel design that is narrow and open.
In order to achieve an undisturbed linear flow channel through the Spacer Tube module, it is necessary to guarantee equal-distant space between the single membrane cushions which form multi-element spiral. The following spirals with spacers arranged between the membrane cushions always guarantees the unrestricted feed flow channel for the medium contained that has to be seperated. The spacers have been developed in such a manner that they only come into marginal contact with their neighbouring membrane cushions. In this way, the spacers are able to minimize the resistance that is exerted on the feed flow.
Therefore, the design greatly optimizes the feed water channel as well as optimizes the effective membrane area.
** Typical spiral wound membrane element is equipped with spacer which is easily blocked, fouled and scaled. Consequently, the raw water channel becomes restricted within shortly after thus increasing differential pressure in the module.
ROCHEM Spacer-Tube® element largely eliminates the disadvantages of the typical spiral wound membrane module through the formation of an openchannel.

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